We all need insurance in our lives because we might never know what is ever going to happen. There have been so many insurance companies in Canada, and each comes with its policies.

Because of competition, many insurance companies will promise you huge returns if you find yourself in trouble or need.

This article will talk about one of the most popular and best insurance companies in Canada. The company we are going to talk about is Sonnet insurance.

By the end of this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Sonnet insurance, their policies, the difference, how to file a claim, and many more, so without wasting much time, let us dive in.

I believe you have heard of sonnet insurance if you are in Canada. It is one of the regulated and trusted insurance companies in Canada that offers insurance policies across many services: landlord insurance, tenant, auto, and many more.

The company has been serving their customer with everything encounter they might face. Although they were not the first insurance company to be known in Canada, they have taken over so many insurance competitors since their launch, so how did this happen? How was Sonnet able to overtake other well-known insurance companies? Let’s get to it.

About Sonnet Insurance 

Sonnet Insurance is a company that was launched in 2016 with its headquarters situated in Waterloo, Ontario; they are known as one of the insurance companies to offer their services online. Since everything is digital now, Sonnet has made it easy for their customers to get everything they need about them online. 

With Sonnet, customers can make the policy purchase or update their policies all on a computer without traveling a long distance to their head office.

They have made it easy to purchase your policies online using your computer or your phone.

How Does Sonnet Insurance Policy Work?

Sonnet has divided its insurance policies into preferred Ultimate and Essentials. They made this so that you get to choose the one that suits you. Also, these tiers let you know what you are paying for and what to expect other than the other known insurance company that group everything and makes it hard for you to understand what you are signing up for.

Like I said in the beginning, the company is very active online, and you can do everything online without the need to visit their office. If you want to make your claims, you can call their hotline on 1-844-766-6834, or you can even do it online.

When it is needed for them to handle claims, they have over 600 qualified specialists who can assist you without doing any hard work. And when It also comes to getting quotes, Sonnet makes it easy to get; you can get it within minutes after you enter the needed information.

Now Lets Cover Sonnet Insurance Policy 

Below, you will find all the insurance policies Sonnet insurance company offers. You can then choose from the one you like and work with them.

Sonnet Auto Insurance Policy (Sonnet Car Insurance)

This is the most popular insurance policy in Canada and even for Sonnet Insurance because many users signed up for it. This policy takes care of accidents benefits, collision, liability, and many more. 

What makes Sonnet stand out is that they offer extra options compared to the other insurance companies in Canada. Sonnet also cover:

  • Replacement value of cars
  • Roadside assistance
  • Ticket forgiveness
  • Hit-n-run deductible waiver 
  • Rental vehicle coverage 

Sonnet Home Insurance Policy 

Home insurance is the following most popular insurance policy in Canada aside from auto insurance, and when it comes to home insurance, Sonnet has got you covered. 

Sonnet insurance covers hail coverage, liability, sewer backup, overland water coverage, and many more.

Here are some of the coverage options:

  • 100% of replacement guaranteed replacement costs
  • First claim forgiveness
  • Settlement for construction materials 
  • A deductible waiver claims of $10,000

Sonnet Condo Policy 

Condo policy may seem familiar with a home insurance policy, but with condo policy, there are many options compared to home policy. Here are the advantages condo policy have over home policy:

Condo users do not need to make another policy in case they decide to rent out the condo

There is special coverage for condo users, which applies range for their investment to be protected 

Sonnet Landlord Insurance Policy

Sonnet also has landlords at heart. If you are a landlord in Canada, You might never know what might happen to you or your building, so if you want to protect your properties, you might want to go for sonnet landlord insurance because that is the best one with so many options for you.

Here are some of the options:

  • 100% replacement cost of your property 
  • Insurance for rent payments whiles there is work ongoing in your house 

Sonnet Tenant Insurance Policy 

Tenant insurance policy is one of the best you can get in Canada because Sonnet has many packages for its customers. Here are some of the options for people that rent or tenants:

You had the opportunity to upgrade your rental unit 

You get to pay for accommodations even when a repair or maintenance occurs.

What Makes Sonnet Insurance Stand Out?

We all know Sonnet is not the first insurance company in Canada but has become one of the best and trusted insurance companies. So what makes them so different? Let us find out.

The Ability To Do Everything Online 

This is one thing that Sonnet has used to overtake other competitors. While many insurance companies focus on having many branches across Canada, Sonnet took advantage of the online presence and has made it easy for everybody to work with them without visiting any of their offices.

They have also created a lot of guides to take you through anything you want to do on their platform. You can sign up for a policy or manage your accounts at ease with the help of their simple interface.

Ease Of Access 

Signing up for policies can sometimes be confusing, with so many terms that you don’t know about them, the rules, the things your insurance cover, and how to even get paid can sometimes be hard to understand. 

With Sonnet, the company has made it easy to read about everything regarding policies. This lets you know what to do, expect, and when to contact them. This form of transparency has made them stand out.

Low Costs As Compared To Other Insurance Companies 

When people choose the best insurance company to work with, they also check the costs, and when you compare the insurance company’s prices, you get to know that Sonnet has one of the blow costs when it comes to policies fees. 

Also, the company makes it known that there are no hidden fees, you also get to update your account policy at any time, and best of all, you can pay everything online.

How To File A Claim With Sonnet?

With Sonnet, you don’t have to worry about filing for a claim because it is one of the easiest things to do, and all you have to do is make a phone call to them.

They will answer you, and then the representative will care for everything for you. 

If they see that yours will have to take time, you will be redirected to dedicated customer care to help you make a faster claim.

Things To Have Ready When Calling To Make A Claim

When you decide to make a claim, some questions will be asked. First, the representative will need some information about you to do it is best to have them ready. Here are the things to have prepared before calling Sonnet customer care to file a claim:

Your Sonnet Policy Number 

The time and date you and a brief explanation about how the incident happened (be it a house, a car crash, or anything)

It would help if you also made all the needed documents ready. If it is a car crash, you must prepare the car documents. You might be asked about the car type, number, or something about the car in the car documents.

When they verify it’s you, they will then guide you on the next step to take in other to make a claim. 

Sonnet Insurance Alternatives 

Although Sonnet has grown to become the people’s favorite, let’s talk about some of their rivals.

Economical Insurance 

Economical insurance is one of the oldest insurance companies in Canada. The company has been operating since 1871, and economists focus more on auto policies. 

Intact Insurance Company 

Intact is also one of the best insurance companies in Canada. The company has been operating since 1809 and has been growing with overwhelming happy customers since then. Intact has cheaper rates than Sonnet, but the downside is that they are not easily affordable, so they both are on the same scale. 

They also have many + ratings by customers, and if you a someone who signs up based on ratings, then aside from Sonnet, Intact will be your other option.

Aviva Insurance 

Well, Sonnet might have the best customer service and online presence, but when it comes to rates, Aviva is known to have the cheapest rate among many insurance companies in Canada. 

Although their customer rating keeps decreasing, they are still one of the best insurance companies in Canada, with a 4-star rating from J.D Power Study and an A rating from BBB.

Although they have poor customer service, they outrank Sonnet regarding financial strength because they have been in the game for quite along.

Pros Of Sonnet Insurance 

You get to quick notes since all you have to do is fill the forms online, and then within minutes, it will be ready. 

They also have flexible pricing, making it easy for you to choose the one you can afford.

They also have the best customer service that will make sure they attend to you and help you solve all the problems or answer all your questions, the best part is, you don’t have to walk a long journey to their office, you can do it online with them.

They are known to be one of the reputable insurance companies in Canada because their happy customers always give them +ratings whenever there is a poll.

Cons Of Sonnet Insurance 

Slow customer service since everything is done online, although the online presence is helping, when many people decide to contact them, you get a slow reply.

Sonnet does not currently have a mobile app. Although they have made it possible to reach them through chat and mobile phones, mobile apps help customers know everything right from their app.

Sonnet Insurance Contact Details 

To get in touch with Sonnet insurance, you can get them through these three options:

You can also reach the Sonnet customer care team via chat on Monday to Friday working hours

If it is home, car, or any insurance claims, you can contact them on 1-844-766-6384

You can also send them a note online, and they will get back to you if you have inquiries or want to reach out to the company.


Since we never know what will happen to us the next day, we should put some measures on our properties, and one of the measures is to ensure our properties.

In Canada, I am sure you have heard of many insurance companies claiming to offer you reasonable rates. In this article, we went through one of Canada’s best and popular insurance companies.

The one we covered is Sonnet insurance, and in this article, we covered everything you need to know about them, be it their insurance policies, how to make a claim, how to reach them, their headquarters, and many more.

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