Have you heard about Zela money transfers before? do you want to know if you can use this payment method in Canada? or have you moved to Canada and looking for Zella alternatives? then let’s waste no time and dive into this article.

Sending and receiving money shouldn’t be a problem, but we all have our favorites.

With technology advancing, it has become easy to send and receive money, pay for fees, and a lot more with just tapping on your phone.

There are so many payment methods available right now in the world, with more coming in with extraordinary features to ensure they dominate the market.

But like I said, we all have our favorites. Some will choose Paypal, others will choose Cashapp, Venmo, and many more, but maybe yours is Zelle. 

Maybe you have been using Zelle and moving to Canada and want to know if you can still use it there, or you are in Canada and have heard of Zelle and will want to know how to use it and if there are other alternatives to use in Canada.

Well, that is what all this article is about. This article will cover everything you need to know about Zelle Money Transfer, how it works, how to use it in Canada, and tap into some of its alternatives to use in Canada, so let’s dive into it without wasting much time.

What Is Zelle?

Zelle is an American payment system used to send and receive money electronically from their bank accounts using their mobile phone or the company’s website.

With Zelle, all you need to send the money is the receiver’s phone number or email address. 

Zelle was launched in June 2017 and since then has grown to become one of the most popular payment methods in the US because of how easy and fast it is when sending money and paying bills.

Does Zelle Work In Canada?

Currently, Zelle does not work in Canada. To start using a Zelle account, the user must be a US resident and have a US bank account and a US phone number.

The company’s main competitor is Paypal, and Paypal is already available in Canada, so we believe the company will soon expand to Canada. 

But do you know there is a way to get around it if you live in Canada and want to use Zelle to pay for something or pay someone in the US?

Yes, there is a way to go about it so let’s dive in.

Is It Possible To Use Zelle In Canada? 

There might be so many reasons why someone will want to use a Zelle account in Canada even though the service is not yet available here. Maybe you want to make a payment in the US using the Zelle payment method.

This step is going to take you through ways to go about it. Since Zelle needs a US bank account for a bank creation, you will first need to have created a US bank account, and there is a way to go about it, or you can ask someone living in the US to create an account for you, please make sure you ask someone you trust to do that for you, maybe a relative or a friend that you trust.

Also, you will need to have a US mobile number, and that one too there is a way to go about it. Many websites sell US phone numbers, and all you have to do is visit one and buy one with your credit card.

Once you have been able to get yourself these two, you can visit Zelle’s official website and follow the steps to create a Zelle account and start using it.

But what if you find it difficult to follow the steps or have difficulty getting yourself a US bank account? Well, don’t worry. If you are in Canada or coming to Canada, there are other Zelle alternatives that you can use.

Zelle Alternatives In Canada


Remitly is one of the most popular payment systems in Canada. It is also one of the most accessible platforms to use when you want to send money to other countries without any hassle.

When it comes to fees, it comes with the cheapest costs, and even in some countries, it does not charge any fee when making payment.


Regarding payment platforms in Canada, Wise is also among the most used. The platform has been helping Canadians in sending and receiving money into their bank accounts. 

It also has the most transparent fees compared to other payment platforms; Wise also allows you to convert your currency to other foreign currencies in your Wise account.

World Remit 

WorldRemit is a London-based payment method, but they are available in many countries, including Canada. With WorldRemit, you will be able to send and receive money at a supersonic speed. 

It offers cash pickup and also affordable transfer fees. It also takes two days to receive money sent using WorldRemit.


We can’t talk about the best payment services in Canada without talking about Wealthsimple. This service has been in the system for over 6 years, and it is widely trusted and used by Canadians. 

Wealthsimple boasts of over 20,000 clients and still counting, and when you want a platform with a faster transfer speed, cheap fees, and security, then Wealthsimple is the best option to go for.

Wrapping Up 

Now it is much easier to send and receive money by just using your phone and knowing the receiver’s phone number and email address.

There are also many payment methods available out there, but as I said, everyone has their favorite. 

In this article, we decided to cover one of the popular payment methods, which is Zelle. We covered everything you need to know about Zelle.

Also, for Canadians, we covered if Whether Zelle is available in Canada or not. For those wondering if there are Zelle alternatives, this article is also packed with Zelle alternatives; we decided only to cover the most used and popular payment methods for our readers based on the fees and the flexibility when sending and receiving money.

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