There are so many streaming platforms worldwide, but not all of them are the best, you know why? Because when it comes to streaming platforms, there are so many factors people consider before subscribing to one of them.

Some of the things people consider before subscribing to one streaming platform are the pricing, availability, coverage, and the kind of movies they have.

Some streaming platforms are not available in every country, and some are even available in only one specific country.

Also, some streaming platforms have made their plans very affordable to get more customers. When it comes to pricing, people tend to check the number of devices their plan covers before paying for a subscription.

Another thing people also check before subscribing to a streaming platform is the kind of movies that the platform offers. Some streaming platforms like Netflix have got everything you need, be it comedy, action, horror, romance, and more.

However, for sports lovers, Netflix won’t be the best streaming platform for you. As a sports lover, you will go for a service like DAZN.

Have you heard of Disney+? This is one of the most popular streaming platforms in Canada, it has a lot of monthly searches, and because of that, we will talk about everything you need to know about Disney+ in Canada.

There are a lot of Canadians searching for the price of Disney+, movies to access on Disney+ Canada, and a whole lot so without wasting much time, let’s dive in.

What Is Disney+?

Disney+ is a streaming platform owned by Disney. The platform was launched on November 12, 2019.

This platform has all the movies from Disney, National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars, and many more.

You will get to watch animated series, action, documentaries, feature-length movies all in one place if you become a member of this excellent streaming platform.

Price Of Disney+ In Canada 

It costs $11.99 per month, and if you want to pay it annually, you will pay $119.99. These two plans give you the same packages, but one difference is that, when you pay it yearly, you save money as compared to paying for it monthly.

Is the price high for you? Yes, you are right. If you had subscribed a year ago and are about to renew your subscription, you will see that the price has increased. They added Star Channel and added more content to the platform.

At first, it was $8.99 per month and $89.99 per year.

Is There A Free Trial On Disney+?

When Disney+ was launched, there was a seven-day free trial for its users, but it is no longer available. But free tests on Disney+ are given on occasions and in certain countries, and sometimes they offer free trials for any country that Disney+ will become available inside.

How To Sign Up On Disney+

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on Sign Up For Disney+ Only or choose to Get The Disney Bundle
  3. Enter your email address and tick the terms and conditions agreement box. After that, click on Agree and Continue
  4. Now enter your secret password and click on Continue
  5. You will be presented with a billing tab, now enter your credit card details and click on Agree and Subscribe.

Devices To Watch Disney Plus On 

You can access Disney Plus on your computer, smart TVs, game consoles, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and even on your Android and iPhones.

Disney+ Features 

You can request Movies or shows – well, look for some particular movies and shows and can’t find them on the platform? Disney got you covered, and there is a tab for you to request for that movie or show.

Multiple Profiles

Disney+ allows you to share your account with your friends and families. You will be able to have four people watching with you simultaneously. Each user can create their watch list and watch any movie they want at any given time.

Ability To Watch Offline

You can download your favorite movies and shows and watch them offline, maybe your internet package is about to expire, and you have a movie that you have yet to watch but recently been busy? Don’t worry. You can download the movie or show and watch them even when there is no internet.

What To Watch On Disney Plus Canada

Maybe you’ve just gotten yourself a Disney Plus subscription and looking for the best movies and shows to watch on the platform. Let me take you through the best ones to start watching.

Motherland: Fort Salem

This is a movie where witches ended their prosecution 300 years ago by dealing with the US government to fight for the country. How will it end? Unless you decide to watch and find out.

Lie To Me

This is a movie about catching lies. In the movie, a guy called Dr. Cal Lightman struck a deal with local federal enforcement agencies to find the truth about a situation.

Reservation Dogs 

This is a story about four boys in Oklahoma who rob, steal, and get to California, and things change for them. You might want to check out this incredible movie, and it is one of the best comedy series on Disney+.

Marvel’s The Runaways

Six teenagers recently discovered their parents are evil. They then decided to make sure they could unite them. In doing that, they also found that they all have superpowers.

If you love magic movies, then this is one movie you will never regret watching.


This is a sci-fi movie and is set 500 years in the future. After a civil war happened, there was not enough food and shelter, which led to the survival of the fittest. 

The Catch

This is a story about a woman called Alice. She became a private investigator after her fiance disappeared after coning her all of her properties.


There are many streaming platforms out there, and when it comes to Canada, Disney+∙is among the most popular streaming platforms.

That’s why in this article, we decided to cover everything you need to know about Disney+, the price of Disney+ in Canada, how to sign up, and movies to watch on Disney+ Canada.

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